The little moments, are sometimes the realest moments… 


No matter what happened, what really counts are the good memories #OT9

cute maknaes

how to choose the right car (tips by kim taeyeon)


Sooyoung: Everytime we get first, while watching the confetti fall we wonder how much longer will it continue to fall on us? Nothing lasts forever. And when that time comes,it comes. We work hard now, so we don’t get burnt out. If we give our best every moment we have now, later, even if it’s not like now, we won’t regret it.


141006 SeoHyun scan @ High Cut by 소언 4p

[fanacc] Hyoyeon is trying so hard to raise the mood of the fanmeet and give a lot of fanservice. Proud of her.


hello hyosun ;)


hyoyeon made a mistake and covered it with a heart


I miss your smile